How to Contribute to Our Cybersecurity Resources 🛠️

Introduction :open_book:

Contributing to our community-driven cybersecurity resources enriches our collective knowledge and helps keep our content current, relevant, and useful for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned cybersecurity professional or a keen enthusiast, your insights and updates are invaluable to us.

Ways to Contribute :bulb:

You can contribute to our resources in several ways, ensuring flexibility in how you share your knowledge with the community:

  • :writing_hand: Direct Wiki Edits: For users with at least the Basic User level, many of our posts are marked as ‘Wiki Posts’, which you can edit directly to add or update content. This collaborative approach ensures our resources remain accurate and comprehensive.
  • :speech_balloon: Commenting on Threads: If you prefer not to edit directly or wish to suggest a change rather than make it yourself, commenting on the relevant thread is a great way to contribute. Share your insights, additional information, or feedback, and the community or moderators can incorporate it as needed.
  • :e-mail: Reaching Out to an Admin: For more significant contributions or if you’re unsure where your knowledge best fits, reaching out to an admin is a great step. Our admins can guide you on how to integrate your contribution or do it on your behalf, ensuring your insights reach the right place.

What is a Wiki Post? :books:

Our platform utilizes the Discourse forum software, which features a powerful tool for community collaboration: the Wiki Post.

  • :wrench: Functionality: A Wiki Post can be edited by anyone with at least the Basic User level, making it a perfect vehicle for a community-driven knowledge base that’s always up to date.
  • :seedling: Purpose: They are designed to empower our community members to collaborate effectively, allowing for the continual improvement and expansion of our content.
  • :eyes: Recognition: You can identify a Wiki Post by the icon in the upper right corner of the post. This icon signifies that the post is open for community edits and contributions.

How to Edit a Wiki Post :pen:

Editing a Wiki Post is straightforward and allows you to add valuable information directly to our resources:

  1. :mag: Find a Wiki Post: Look for posts with the Wiki icon in the top right corner.
  2. :memo: Edit: Click the Wiki Post icon to start editing. You’ll be able to modify the content of the post directly.
  3. :books: Annotate Your Edit: When making an edit, please provide a brief note on the changes you’ve made. For instance, “[Edit: Added by @YourUsername - Added new section on VPN security practices].”

Guidelines for Contributing :clipboard:

  • :white_check_mark: Be Accurate: Ensure your contributions are accurate and based on reliable sources. Our community relies on the integrity of the information we provide.
  • :handshake: Be Respectful: When editing content added by others, respect the original intent while improving clarity, accuracy, or adding new insights.
  • :link: Reference Your Sources: Where possible, include references or links to your sources, enhancing the credibility and usefulness of the content.

Join Our Effort :handshake:

By contributing to our cybersecurity resources, you’re helping build a safer, more informed community. Your knowledge can empower others to protect themselves in the digital world, navigate challenges, and unlock new opportunities.

For detailed instructions on creating and editing Wiki Posts, visit our guide: What is a Wiki Post?

Discover more resources and how to navigate them on our Community Resource Masterlist.

Together, we’re creating a dynamic, comprehensive cybersecurity resource that benefits us all. Thank you for your contributions and for being an active part of our community’s growth and success.