Passive Reconnaissance Tools [Masterlist]

Passive Reconnaissance Tools


Welcome to the Passive Reconnaissance Tools resource center. This curated list provides a comprehensive guide to tools that help cybersecurity professionals gather information about targets without directly interacting with them. These tools are essential for both offensive and defensive operations, allowing professionals to understand a target’s digital footprint, detect potential vulnerabilities, and plan their next steps.

Domain and IP Analysis

Deep OSINT and Data Gathering

  • :male_detective: Recon-ng - A Full-featured Web Reconnaissance Framework.
  • :globe_with_meridians: Maltego - Visual Link Analysis Tool.
  • :satellite: theHarvester - Gathering Emails, Subdomains, Hosts, and Employee Names.
  • :earth_africa: Google Dorks - Leveraging Google Search Operators for Enhanced Search.
  • :bar_chart: Bing Dorks - Utilizing Bing Search for Advanced Querying (similar to Google Dorks).

Potential Vulnerabilities and Threats

  • :no_entry_sign: Have I Been Pwned - Checking Email Addresses and Usernames Against Breached Data.

Monitoring and Alerts

  • :rotating_light: Google Alerts - Setting Up Alerts for Mention of Specific Keywords or Phrases.
  • :bird: TweetDeck - Monitoring Twitter for Keywords, Hashtags, and Mentions.

Web Technology Detection and Analysis

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