Cybersecurity YouTube Channels!

Cybersecurity YouTube Channels


Welcome to our curated list of YouTube channels dedicated to cybersecurity. From tutorials to news updates, these channels offer a visual and interactive way to stay updated and educated.

:computer: Technical Analysis & Forensics

  • 13Cubed β€” Exploring digital forensics tools and incident handling.
  • Black Hat β€” Technical cybersecurity conferences.
  • BlackPerl β€” Dive into malware studies and digital forensics.
  • Cyrill GΓΆssi β€” Delving into the nuances of cryptography.
  • DC CyberSec β€” Generic cybersecurity coverage.
  • Hak5 β€” General cybersecurity coverage.
  • MalwareTechBlog β€” Delving into the world of cybersecurity and reverse engineering.
  • SANS Offensive Operations β€” Detailed videos on technical cybersecurity.
  • The Hated One β€” Deep research into various cybersecurity concepts.
  • The PC Security Channel β€” Windows security, malware news, and tutorials.

:red_circle: Red Team Channel (Offensive Cybersecurity)

  • Bugcrowd β€” Bug bounty methodology and interviews.
  • HackerSploit β€” Focusing on web-app hacking and penetration tests.
  • Hack eXPlorer β€” Tutorials and insights into cybersecurity techniques.
  • IppSec β€” Tutorials on CTFs and HackTheBox challenges.
  • LiveOverflow β€” Hacking tutorials, write-ups, and CTF challenges.
  • Nahamsec β€” Educational hacking and bug bounty videos.
  • Offensive Security β€” Guides on cybersecurity content and lab demonstrations.
  • OWASP Foundation β€” Content centered around web-application security.
  • Pentester Academy TV β€” Showcasing cybersecurity attacks and discussions.
  • STΓ–K β€” Analyzing tools and methodologies in vulnerability assessment.
  • The Cyber Mentor β€” Dive into ethical hacking and related tools.
  • The XSS Rat β€” Dive into the world of bounty hunting.

:cloud: Cloud & Infrastructure Security

  • Day Cyberwox β€” Exploring cloud security techniques and guides.
  • Joe Collins β€” Comprehensive Linux tutorials and guides.

:books: Cybersecurity Education & Career Development

  • Black Hills Information Security β€” Comprehensive coverage on cybersecurity.
  • Computerphile β€” Exploring foundational tech and computing concepts.
  • Cyber CDH β€” Exploring tools and strategies in cybersecurity.
  • Cyberspatial β€” Cybersecurity education and training.
  • David Bombal β€” Everything cybersecurity related.
  • DEFCONConference β€” Highlights from the renowned DEF CON cybersecurity event.
  • InfoSec Live β€” From cybersecurity tutorials to expert interviews.
  • Infosec Institute β€” Cybersecurity awareness.
  • InsiderPHD β€” A beginner’s guide to bug bounty hunting.
  • ITProTV β€” General cybersecurity coverage.
  • John Hammond β€” Dive into malware studies, coding, and career insights.
  • Network Chuck β€” Everything cybersecurity related.
  • Null Byte β€” A platform for ethical hackers and tech enthusiasts.
  • Outpost Gray β€” Guidance on developing a cybersecurity career.
  • Professor Messer β€” Detailed guides on various certifications.
  • Security Now β€” Updates on cybercrimes, hacking, and web security.
  • Simply Cyber β€” Guiding individuals in their cybersecurity career journey.

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