Wiki Posts

What is a Wiki Post?

Our platform, powered by Discourse, allows members of higher trust levels to mark a post as a ‘‘Wiki Post’’. A Wiki Post is editable by anyone with at least the Basic User level, ensuring a constantly updated, community-driven knowledge repository.

Why Use Wiki Posts?

Wiki Posts empower community members to collaborate on solutions and maintain up-to-date content. By having Wiki Posts, our community can make adjustments, improvements, or add fresh information, much like any collaborative platform.

Identifying a Wiki Post:

Spotting a Wiki Post is simple. Whenever you notice the icon in the upper right corner of a post, you know it’s a Wiki Post open for contribution.

Editing a Wiki Post:

To contribute, click the Wiki Post icon. When editing, always provide a reference for your changes. For instance, if you add new information, annotate it with [Edit: By @YourUsername - Reason for the edit].