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Actor Profiles by Country

:israel: Israel

  • Israel Defense Forces (IDF): Israel’s military cyber units are highly advanced, tasked with defending against cyber threats and carrying out offensive cyber operations to secure national interests.

:iran: Iran

  • Moses Staff: Believed to be an Iranian state-sponsored group that carries out cyber-espionage and disruptive cyber operations against Israeli targets.

:lebanon: Lebanon

  • Plaid Rain (Aqua Dev 1, Polonium): Suspected of being linked to Hezbollah, this group has been implicated in cyber attacks against Israeli entities, possibly reflecting Iran’s influence in cyber operations.

:malaysia: Malaysia

  • DragonForce Malaysia: Notorious for their cyber-attacks against Israeli websites, often involving defacement and DDoS attacks that are politically motivated.

:pakistan: Pakistan

  • Team Insane Pakistan: This group has been known to conduct DDoS attacks against entities they perceive as adversaries, including those in support of Israeli interests.

:palestinian_territories: Palestinian Territories

  • Hamas: The militant wing of Hamas has developed cyber capabilities and has been implicated in various cyber-attacks against Israeli targets.
  • Cyber Av3ngers: A group linked to the Palestinian territories known for compromising systems and leaking data.
  • AnonGhost: A hacktivist group associated with the Palestinian cause that has carried out cyber-attacks and data leaks against Israeli targets.
  • Gaza Cybergang (Molerats, TA402, Gaza Hackers Team, Moonlight, Extreme Jackal, Aluminum Saratoga, JEA/Jerusalem Electronic Army): Engages in cyber espionage and intelligence collection, primarily targeting Israeli interests.
  • YourAnon T13x: A collective targeting Israeli news outlets with cyber-attacks.
  • Soldiers Of Solomon: Noted for data exfiltration and encryption attacks, indicative of a more sophisticated cyber capability.
  • ./CsCrew: A group that disseminates DoS tools, contributing to cyber-attacks against Israeli infrastructure.
  • Islamic Cyber Corps: Released manifestos to inspire Muslim hacktivists into cyber actions.

:ru: Russia

  • Russian Auxiliaries: Groups such as KillNet and others that conduct cyber operations aligned with Russian geopolitical interests, often targeting Western entities.

:sudan: Sudan

  • Anonymous Sudan: Targets Western and specifically U.S. media outlets with DDoS attacks, possibly in protest against what they view as misrepresentation or misinformation.

Other Groups

  • Cyb3r_Drag0nz_Team: Engages in website defacement, leaving politically motivated messages.
  • X7root: Conducts defacement attacks, often with political statements or messages.

Tools and Malware Encyclopedia

An extensive catalog of the cyber tools and malware used by threat actors, providing insights into their operational methods.

  • Redline Stealer: A tool designed for stealing sensitive data from compromised systems.
  • PrivateLoader: A payload delivery system used to spread additional malware.
  • BiBi-Linux Wiper: Malware targeting systems for file corruption and disruption.
  • CVE-2023-29489 Exploit: Vulnerability in cPanel hosting platforms exploited by various cyber actors.

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