🛡️ Three Pillars of My OSCP Journey: Content Creators Who Made a Difference

Reflecting on my OSCP journey from last year, alongside the non-technical tips I shared previously, there were key content creators that played a significant role in shaping my understanding and approach. I’d like to highlight these three content creators:

:pushpin: Alh4zr3d - His ‘Newbie Tuesday’ series on YouTube was a game-changer for understanding the basics. Don’t miss out on his Twitch streams too!
:tv: https://www.youtube.com/@alh4zr3d3
:video_game: Twitch

:pushpin: Offensive Security - S1REN’s walkthroughs on Proven Ground machines were awesome! Her website is also packed with valuable resources and cheatsheets.
:tv: https://www.youtube.com/@OffSecTraining
:globe_with_meridians: Welcome ! – Siren Security

:pushpin: IppSec - His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of CTF content. His website, IppSec Rocks, was especially handy during the OSCP exam.
:tv: https://www.youtube.com/@ippsec
:globe_with_meridians: https://ippsec.rocks/

Cybersecurity has a strong community and a wealth of resources that can greatly assist you in your journey.

For those interested in diving deeper into OSCP, I recommend checking out my piece ‘Crush the OSCP Exam: Unconventional Techniques Beyond just Hacking!’
:link: 🧠 Crush the OSCP Exam: Non-Technical Tips That Helped Me Pass OSCP on 1st Try [Mini Blog]

All these creators and more are featured on our YouTube Channel Masterlist!
:link: Cybersecurity YouTube Channels!

If you’ve had similar awesome go-to content creators during your OSCP or any other journeys, I’d love to hear about them. Drop your comments below!