🧠 Crush the OSCP Exam: Non-Technical Tips That Helped Me Pass OSCP on 1st Try [Mini Blog]

Introduction: It’s been almost a year since I passed the OSCP exam on my first attempt. It was tough, no doubt. While the technical aspects of the exam are undeniably crucial, I genuinely believe that there are other strategies, often overlooked, that can make a significant difference. In my journey, I discovered that balancing technical knowledge with these non-technical strategies was the key to my success. Here are some things that really helped me out:

:musical_note: Classical Music!? Even though classical music isn’t something I would usually listen to, during the OSCP exam, it was a bit of a game-changer. It kept me calm, relaxed, and focused. Some nice background noise while I was working on tackling through the challenges.

:broom: Clean Space, Clear Mind: Before the exam, I ensured I spared the time to tidy up my desk. It’s simple, but having a clean space helped me think clearer, made my mindset better, and helped me be more productive. And with the previously mentioned classical music in the background, a nice-smelling candle, it was the perfect combination.

:man_walking: Take Breaks, Recharge: When I got stuck on the Active Directory machines, I took a break and walked my dog. It sounds basic, but getting some fresh air cleared my head. When I got back, I was ready to tackle the problems again.

:sushi: Fuel Your Brain: During my study sessions and up to the exam, I tried to eat healthy foods like omega-3 rich fish, dark chocolate, nuts, fruit (e.g. blueberries). Also, a tip for drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee/energy drinks etc… I saved it for when I really needed a boost, not just first thing in the morning which could end up resulting in crashing / feeling tired early.

:man_lifting_weights: Stay Active: Exercise helped me a lot. It wasn’t just about keeping fit; it helped clear my mind and kept me focused during those long study sessions.

:crescent_moon: Get a good sleep! Getting a good night’s sleep made a big difference. When I was rested, I could think more clearly and solve problems more efficiently.

Conclusion: While mastering the technical skills is a must for the OSCP exam, I can’t stress enough the importance of these unconventional strategies. They truly made a difference in my journey. Everyone’s different, so find what works for you. Good luck with your OSCP journey!

:thinking: Got questions or your own tips to share? I’d love to hear them - comment below! :speech_balloon:

Steve @ Crushing Security